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Classic Duck Breast and Asparagus

Recipe Time
Prep Time
130 F / 54.5 C

If you have ever had a beautifully cooked duck breast, you definitely remember how mouth-watering that crispy skin was. Achieving the perfect duck breast that is pink and tender on the inside and has a golden, crispy skin is easy thanks to your Mellow! This recipe is simple and packs in a ton of flavor. As it cooks, the skin will soak up all the seasoning and add even more flavor to the final result. Served with asparagus, this recipe is a great place to start if you have never cooked duck before!


2 Duck Breasts
2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Pepper
1 tsp Paprika
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 Bundle Asparagus


  • Mellow Buy
  • Frying or Cast Iron Pan


  • Serves 2


Pat the duck dry and make shallow scores on the skin side of the duck breast to allow it to efficiently absorb the seasonings while cooking.


Dry rub the duck breast with the salt, pepper and paprika.


Place inside a Mellow bag and add the olive oil.


Using the Mellow App choose Manual Mode from the main menu, set the temperature to 130°F / 54.5°C and press start. Wait until it reaches the Target Temperature.


When Mellow reaches the Target Temperature submerge the bags in the water reservoir and seal it. Let it cook for 2 hours.


When the duck is finished cooking, remove from the pouch, pat dry and sear the skin side until golden crispy, about a minute or two.


Wash the asparagus, trim the ends about 1 inch, then steam or roast until tender.


Serve and enjoy!

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