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Mellow Releases an App Update to Enhance Its Built-In Refrigeration System.

Mellow’s first-of-its-kind smart sous vide machine makes it easy to keep food safely chilled all day long before cooking to ensure it’s finished exactly how and when you want it.

TORONTO, Feb. 27, 2018 - Mellow Inc., a start-up on a mission to bring healthy and convenient eating options to the home, released an essential update to the Mellow app that is available now on both Apple's iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Successfully launched in November 2017, Mellow is committed to providing the highest quality user experience. A key differentiator of the Mellow all-in-one sous vide system is its refrigeration feature. The company continues to evaluate new features that will improve the sous vide experience and as such, added the first of two new features that will optimize its cooling capabilities and energy efficiency. Mellow has also added cooking time and temperature for all the pre-set cook modes.

With this update Mellow will detect if the initial water temperature in the reservoir is cold enough to immediately start the cooling process. If not, the app will notify the user and ask them to follow the new ADD ICE prompt. Adding the amount of ice that the Mellow app calculates will insure that the water will cool to refrigeration temperature (sub 40°F) within two hours in accordance with USDA food storage guidelines.

"Bringing an innovated product to market is half the battle. We work with our user community and their valuable feedback to develop new features and updates. Our users help us to become a better company. Going forward we will continue to communicate how to best optimize Mellow's unique refrigeration feature and be sure that users are aware that water temperature, water volume, and ambient temperature can affect cooling times," said Gary Itenson, CEO at Mellow Inc.

The company will release by March 15, 2018 its second new feature — a Pre-Cooling Mode — that will allow the user to program their Mellow to start cooling well in advance of adding ingredients. For example, Pre-Cooling will enable the user to start the cooling process at bed time and wake up to a refrigeration temperature water reservoir to drop their ingredients into. The user can then program how and when they want their food cooked and come home to an all-star dinner.

In addition, the most recent Mellow app release displays time and temperature for every setting of cooking preference and doneness for all in-app ingredient categories.

About Mellow Inc.:

A start-up on a mission to bring healthy and convenient eating options to the home, Mellow Inc. is the creator of Mellow, a next generation smart kitchen appliance. The world's first smart sous vide machine with a built-in refrigeration system for "Home Cooking, When You're Not Home Cooking."

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