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Mellow is a smart new way to cook sous-vide. From the wireless smart control to the ability to keep your food at refrigerator temperatures, everything on Mellow was thought to make life easier and yet still have great food every day. We’re happy to share more information about Mellow and our company. Feel free to contact us at contact@cookmellow.com.




Mellow Revolutionizes Cooking With The Launch Of The World's First Smart Sous-Vide Machine With Built-In Refrigeration Bringing Convenience To The Kitchen

Highly-Anticipated Smart Kitchen Appliance Available Now, Simplifies And Perfects Food Preparation

TORONTO, Nov. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Mellow Inc., a start-up on a mission to bring healthy and convenient eating options to the home, today officially unveiled Mellow, the first-of-its-kind smart sous-vide machine with a patented refrigeration system. Just in time for the holiday season, Mellow makes home cooking effortless by enabling consumers to prepare great food cooked to perfection, even when they are at work or play.

Utilizing sous-vide - a cooking technique that uses precise temperature control to achieve unparalleled taste and texture - Mellow is an eye-catching and refined connected appliance, integrated with user-friendly software, making this modern and healthy cooking technique simple and convenient for consumers to do at home.

Mellow is perfect for busy food lovers - a sleek and innovative addition to the kitchen countertop controlled by your smartphone. It incorporates a built-in refrigeration system that keeps food fresh until it is the exact time to start cooking, allowing consumers to load it up at breakfast and come home to healthy and delicious food ready to eat for dinner.

"Mellow is a game changer in today's busy world," said Gary Itenson, CEO at Mellow Inc. "In a society where we're pressed for time, Mellow offers a solution for the age-old question: 'What's for dinner?' The next generation kitchen appliance provides quality meals at home, while you focus on the things you love. Mellow levels the playing field for cooking at home, allowing anybody to cook food to perfection every time."

The sleek, modern design of Mellow, made from food safe BPA-free materials, incorporates several innovative features brought together for the first time in one device:

  • Built-In Refrigeration

    The only sous-vide appliance with a patented refrigeration system to keep food fresh and safe until it's time to be cooked

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

    Allows consumers to control cooking in real-time from the kitchen or miles away through a convenient and intuitive smartphone app

  • Energy Efficiency

    Proprietary, double-walled water tank keeps energy bills low and is removable to allow for easy cleaning

  • Weight Sensor

    Senses weight changes and prompts smartphone immediately, keeping the water cool until cooking time is set

  • Smartphone Control with In-App Assistant Chef

    Learns preferences through instant feedback to ensure food is cooked precisely to suit individual tastes

Mellow is now available for $399. Information on where to purchase the smart kitchen appliance can be found online at www.cookmellow.com.

About Mellow Inc.:

A start-up on a mission to bring healthy and convenient eating options to the home, Mellow Inc. is the creator of Mellow, a next generation smart kitchen appliance. The world's first smart sous vide machine with built-in refrigeration system for "Home Cooking, When You're Not Home Cooking."

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